Sunnybeam Auction 2023

We are thrilled to host the biannual Sunnybeam Auction on Saturday, March 4, 2023!

Our goal this year is $100,000! Can you help?

Auction Donations

Monetary Donations


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For over 65 years, Sunnybeam School has been operating as a non-profit preschool from the iconic and historic red schoolhouse on the south end of Mercer Island. Since opening our doors in 1957, the school has offered the Mercer Island community a safe and nurturing learning environment focused on helping young children grow and develop social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills and a love of learning. Sunnybeam’s low teacher to child ratio allows teachers to engage all students in meaningful conversations and problem solving. Our school is truly a special place!

It's been four years since our last auction.
Historically, Sunnybeam hosts a fundraising auction every two years to offset expenses not covered by tuition alone. Sunnybeam auctions raise funds that help support the costs associated with maintaining our 104 year old schoolhouse, supporting a tremendously talented teaching staff and providing our students with an enriching curriculum. During the pandemic, it was years of fiscal discipline creating a healthy reserve that allowed Sunnybeam to carefully weather the hardships of the pandemic to include honoring our teachers’ salaried contracts, purchasing large tents and a variety of essential outdoor classroom items, which are continuing to be utilized, and offering a reduced tuition rate to families at the height of the pandemic. These measures came at a devastating cost to the financial health of our small non-profit school. Fortunately, we now are in the position to begin to rebuild our financial foundation so we can best navigate future unplanned events. 
The Sunnybeam auction is a community event that gives us an opportunity to have fun, get to know each other better, and support our beloved Sunnybeam School. We would like to invite you to showcase your commitment to our community and to education with the donation of an item or service to our annual auction “Around the World.” We chose this theme because we are now witnessing our world beginning to heal (in its own way and at its own pace) from the effects of the global pandemic… and yet we are all in this together as one. This event will be a night of great food, fine wine and a celebration to raise funds for Sunnybeam. All of the money raised will help offset the hundreds of small things that make Sunnybeam so special to you and your child[ren] that our tuition alone does not cover.
Let's take this evening to celebrate our community and support our school so that it will continue to be a special place for generations to come. 
If you are unable to join us on that evening, please consider making a monetary donation towards Sunnybeam.
Thank you!