South Playground October Playground Sign-up & Reminders
Playground sign-ups are available! You can sign up here
Also a few reminders to please help us keep our outdoor school space clean and safe.
  • Enter and exit from south gate only.
  • Sunnybeam families only: Maximum 2 families per time slot/siblings and permanent caregivers okay. As the family signing up, you may invite one other Sunnybeam family to meet up.  
  • Masks must be worn: All families adhere to our COVID-19 protocols.
  • South playground only - keep away from classroom tents: Please stay off the grass and other areas of the playground - play space available to families is within the track loop (includes big play structure and bars) and small playhouses.
  • No bathrooms or sinks available: Please do not use the schoolyard sinks, as they are sanitized for our next school day. Schoolhouse bathrooms are for ballet students and the stable bathroom is closed to the public.
  • No food or pets: Water bottles okay.
  • Please lock the gate when you leave.
  • Where to Play: Please review the map to the right.