Our Programs

Caterpillar Class

The Caterpillar class is made up of 3 and 4 year olds, and meets Tuesday and Thursday from 9-12:30. 


The class has been developed to give each child a positive first experience in a peer group situation.  Through emphasis on guided play, art, dance, music, early literacy and drama, children make friends and learn to interact creatively with each other.  They gain confidence in a group through short, engaging circle times especially designed to teach early learning concepts with songs, books, and games. 

Butterfly Class

The Butterfly class is comprised of 4 and 5 year olds and meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9-1.  


We capitalize on the children's more developed social and cooperative skills to learn together about the world around them.  Drama, social studies, and kindergarten readiness skills become a group adventure.  Circle time is designed for active participation. The children's longer attention spans and growing innate curiosity allow for projects that develop over a few school days with more involved participation. Art often becomes a vehicle to explore science in a hands-on and purposeful way.

Pre-K Enrichment

Our 2019-20 pre-kindergarten optional enrichment program is offered on Tuesday or Thursday afternoons from 1-3 pm.


Our enrichment class gives our pre-kindergartners the additional practice and instruction necessary to prepare for kindergarten in a structured environment. This program purposely has a small child to teacher ratio, which allows the children to engage in serious, "big-kid" work. Our Butterflies would be the first to boast about all of the big-kid work they get to do! Through fun learning activities, journals, workbooks, and games, the children learn early literacy and numeracy skills that will help them to be confident kindergartners. 

SunnyDay Camps

SunnyDay Camps are open to all children between the ages of 3 and 6.  Each day, children will have the opportunity to explore art, sensory activities, and dramatic play, as well as to enjoy abundant outside playtime and activities.  Games, nature observation, and "getting messy" are highlights for the kids.  Camps are led by our fantastic and experienced teachers: Michele, David, and Jen.  They help each child feel right at home at Sunnybeam.

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