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our mission

At Sunnybeam, we believe that during the preschool years, children should develop social, emotional and intellectual tools through activities that encourage them to work together, experiment, and problem solve. We create an environment that leads children to socialize with each other, make their own discoveries, and develop a love for learning.

Inclement Weather Policy

Sunnybeam follows the Mercer Island School District's (MISD) decisions about the closure of or 1- hour delay of the start of the school day due to emergency weather conditions. If MISD closes schools or announces a 1-hour late start, Sunnybeam will do the same. If MISD announces a 2-hour or more late start, Sunnybeam's morning school day will be canceled. If the 2-hour delay falls on an Enrichment day, Enrichment will still occur. If there is a 3-hour delay or MISD is canceled, Sunnybeam will be closed. Sunnybeam reserves the right to cancel school on a 1-hour late start or cancel Enrichment on a 2-hour late start if it is unsafe for our teachers to travel to Sunnybeam. The MISD announcements are carried on local AM and FM radio and television stations or by checking the MISD website at

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